We all hang from the same moon  

To those who love from afar

By Marilù Gasparo

Translation: Patricia Vasquez // Anne-Hélène Jansen

Dear friend  

I am thinking of you tonight.  

Tonight I am thinking of you because you are one of the people I continue to cheer for  from afar.  

In the last few years my relationships, of whatever kind, have changed, along with me.  My cities have also changed, different people have crossed my path.  

Dear friend, 

I am grateful to have met you.   

Your being has brought and continues to bring value to mine.  

Your way of life, your choices; they give me courage, hope.  

No matter where I am, your successes make my heart rejoice. 

To you, who may not be the same person I have known, I hope you are given the opportunity to  change as often as you wish and to become whatever you want.  

May you receive my love, in whatever form it may come to you.  

Dear friends, 

I am rooting for your lives and I know that as I am rooting for my joy from my street,  someone else will be rooting for my joy from theirs. 

I am your friend, forever. Yours 


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