We once prepared for a dance for an event, which turned out to be a lot of fun.

Translated by Herbert Meck

In our new “Club Alumni” series, you can get to know former Club visitors. What memories do they still have of the club? What does their life look like today? Last time we introduced you to Flore, today we continue with Marlene from Mexico.

Dear Marlene, you came to ClubIn for the first time in 2018. How did you find out about it and what were you doing at that time? 
In September 2018 I traveled to Germany, I was an Au-pair with a fantastic family, they were very nice. The agency, sent me information about ClubIn. I saw a brochure and I was very interested in a trip to Prague, which was in November. I signed up for it and that was my first day at ClubIn, that’s when I met Bianca. 

What did you particularly like about ClubIn?
At ClubIn, one has a great opportunity to meet many people from different countries. We once prepared for a dance for an event and we had a lot of fun. That day, we also brought dishes, grilled and that is my best memory of ClubIn.

Very nice, I’m glad to hear that! What are you doing now?
I now live in Mexico again and I’m a veterinarian.

Wow. That sounds really exciting. Is there anything else you would like to tell our visitors?
I recommend that new visitors visit this facility because you can have a great time there. You can also make a lot of friends and improve your language skills.

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