I was all alone in Munich and through ClubIn I met so many people. That was really nice!

Translated by Herbert Meck

In our new “Club Alumni” series, you can get to know former club visitors. What memories do they still have of the club? What is their life like today? Last Tuesday we introduced you to Gloria, today we continue with Pavel from Russia.

Pavel, during your time at ClubIn, one could have thought you lived there, you visited the club so often. Can you still remember the first evening at the club? 
That was the trip to Bamberg in March 2016. I came to the club on a Thursday or Friday night to pay for the trip. Until then, I didn’t even know that ClubIn was so close to my apartment at the time. I was all alone in Munich and then through ClubIn I met so many people. That was really nice!

Oh, why were you all alone in Munich?
I came to Germany from Russia when I was 18. First, I took a language course and then I studied in Düsseldorf. It wasn’t until I was 26 that I came to Munich to work. That was actually a coincidence! But then I didn’t want to go back to North Rhine-Westphalia.

In all that time, what has been your favorite ClubIn memory? 
Probably playing football. I played a lot of football there. In my 1st year at ClubIn, I went on every outing. And even after that, I still went on all the new trips.

That sounds like an exciting time! But now you haven’t been in the club for some time. Where have you moved to? 
I live in Switzerland now. I moved there for professional reasons. But Bern is unfortunately not as international as Munich.

Do you miss the ClubIn?
Yes, I do. But many of the friends I made at ClubIn now live in other cities. Munich is simply too expensive, especially for students and trainees. 

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