Transleted by Herbert Meck

In our new “Club Alumni” series, you can get to know former Club visitors. What memories do they still have of the club? What is their life like today? Last Friday we introduced you to Eléa, today we continue with David from Spain. 

Hola David, nice to hear from you! If I remember correctly, you came to Germany as an au pair as well. How did you find ClubIn and what was your first visit like?  
I found ClubIn Munich because I was an au pair in Stuttgart the year before. There, a ClubIn employee had told me that there was also a ClubIn in Munich. Actually, I don’t remember exactly the first day in ClubIn, but I do remember that I met one of my best friends that day.  

Very nice! Can you remember maybe one of the best moments at ClubIn? 
My best memory is the summer party in 2018, where people played instruments and recited poems, among other things. On that day I danced with Deyna and I also got to see old acquaintances from ClubIn Stuttgart again. 

When was the last time you were at ClubIn? Are you still in Munich?  
I think on 28/06/2019 was my last time in ClubIn Munich. I have become very old. My hair even fell off. 
I currently live in Spain and work in a Chinese restaurant. Who knows, maybe Chinese will be the next language I will learn? 

Before we say goodbye, do you have a message for the current clubbers? 
My message to today’s club visitors: 

Get out of Germany before you become a work machine! Jokes aside, I think it is very important to learn the language really well if you want to live in Germany. No matter in which area: for shopping, at work, to make friends…If a person understands the language, all other things become easier. Ah, almost forgot to always have cash in your pocket in Germany and especially in Munich.

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