From Nadia

Transleted by Herbert Meck

In our new “Club Alumni” series, you can get to know former Club visitors. What memories do they still have of the club? What do their lives look like today? Last time we introduced you to Marlene, today we continue with Nadia from Brazil. 

Dear Nadia, it’s been a while since you visited the club. Can you still remember how you ended up at the club?  
I have a Brazilian friend, a former au pair, who used to work at the club. I don’t really remember my first visit to the club, but I had a great experience overall. 

That’s great, we’re glad to hear that. What are your fondest memories of ClubIn?  
The rafting tour on the Isar, summer parties in the garden and the culinary evenings. My mouth waters just thinking about how delicious the pelmeni were on the Ukrainian evening!  After that, as a volunteer, I really enjoyed our trainings. I also really enjoyed the information evenings about studying in Germany and the nice conversations at the bar. 

Did the club shape you for the rest of your life in any way?  
For my intercultural education, the experience at ClubIn was quite important! I learned a lot about other countries and cultures, but I was also able to break down stereotypes and prejudices and to recognise people as individual persons, not necessarily as a “summary of a country“. 

That sounds like a lot of important insights. Do you have a message for the current club visitors?  
Excursions, sports, cooking, art; there is always something for everyone! Try it out! You can bring your own ideas, start something new, suggest other activities and create them yourself. Take the opportunity to meet people from all over the world!  

What has happened in your life since you last visited a club? How and where do you live today?  
I stayed in Munich for a few more years, then studied and worked. For the last 11 years I have been living in Brazil again, working at a German school and doing my PhD at the university in São Paulo.  

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