Transleted by Herbert Meck

In our new “Club Alumni” series, you can get to know former Club visitors. What memories do they still have of the club? What do their lives look like today? Last Friday we introduced you to Joana, today we continue with Gloria from Italy. 

Gloria, you were an au pair in Munich a few years ago. Do you remember how you came across the club? 
This is the first question and it is already difficult to remember ? So, I found ClubIn in a Facebook group and immediately I thought “This will surely be something nice. Meetings, foreigners and trips. Just what I’m looking for.” And that’s how it happened. It was around the end of November 2016. 

Can you still remember your first night at ClubIn?  
I can hardly remember my first day at ClubIn, to be honest, I remember I had to fill out a piece of paper and after that Bianca explained to me what ClubIn was. I met a lot of people, from all over the world, and thought it was totally rad!!! There was a very nice atmosphere. 

Which would it be the atmosphere that would invited you to visit the club more often?, if you had to choose the most beautiful from all your memories of the club?  
My fondest memory of ClubIn is the following experience: Among the many young people, there was one girl I didn’t like that much. I could hardly say ‘hello’ to her. After a few months, I took part in a trip to Berlin. And what a stupid game, was this girl with me in the hotel room ? But those 3 days meant so much to me. I got to know her better and she became a very good friend of mine since then? 

Nowadays, you no longer live in Germany. You say you had to make another decision and return to Italy. What advice do you have for young people who are new to Munich today, like you were four years ago?  
Surely they should make many trips with ClubIn, because they are important and great opportunities to discover Germany. Enjoy every moment there! 

When was the last time you, yourself had the opportunity to enjoy a moment at ClubIn? 
January was the last time I was at ClubIn. I come back to Germany from time to time and ClubIn is a part of my life, so how can I not visit this place? I live in Italy now but my dream always remains the same: to move to Germany.

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