Translated by Herbert Meck

Today we introduce you to Marilú from Italy. Marilú is one of our volunteers at ClubIn and told us more about herself in this interview:

How did you actually come to ClubIn?

Marilú: For me, the answer to this question is quite simple because I was an au pair myself. And we have a lot of au pairs at ClubIn, because as an au pair you often get the programmes from ClubIn through the agency. I think that’s great because that was really my first contact with people in Munich. I can even remember my first day at ClubIn. It was a dance workshop with Deyna. As an au pair, it was fun at ClubIn. Even after that, I kept going to ClubIn. 

How did you later become a ClubIn volunteer?

Marilú: Through Bianca. First, she asked me for ideas for ClubIn, like topics for workshops. My suggestion was a collage workshop where I could contribute my ideas. That was my first activity, but I wasn’t a volunteer then. The workshop went well and afterwards Bianca asked me if I would like to join the team. Of course I was immediately enthusiastic about the offer and since then I have been a member of the team. 

What surprised you most about ClubIn?

Marilú: I was definitely surprised by the tolerance and openness at ClubIn. So many different people with different backgrounds and different life stories visit this place, which I find super interesting at ClubIn.  By tolerance in the club I mean that everyone can be who he or she is and this is all totally welcome. Openness in ClubIn for me is that everyone is accepted with their religion, their background. My experience is that social groups are usually formed according to similarities among themselves, but all of us in the club, despite big differences, opinions, mentalities, traditions and cultures, always do something together and also understand each other. Normally, when people meet, someone is always excluded, but this is not the case with us. 

What 3 words come to your mind spontaneously about ClubIn?

Marilú: Heart, openness and self-exploration.

Great – thank you so much for taking the time.

Marilú: I’d love to!

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