by Paulina Grasse

The world offers so many charts
Then why do we stay in the same old parts?

We settle on one small little spot
But to look on the whole thing is what we forgot

Everyday life is dreary and grey.
If your hearts not going the right way

Mine buzzes through the world to roam
While Life’s what keeps me at home

Friends, family, missing money and school
The things that keep me here, like a rule

My home just doesn’t feel like one
But where then do I belong

I think permanent change is what I strive
Spatially and in my way of life

The world offers unlimited potential
Why don’t we use it consequential

Luckily there’re holidays to tear up the miles
In order not to freeze in one place like ice 

See new people, places and folkways
Understanding the world in some new ways

Liveliness and self-discovery
Travelling provides it for me

Spread your wings and take the chance
Break out of everyday life and glance

If your able to
And fate grants it to you

Fly through the world, free as a bird
Just as you please, not as you learned 

Some lack the means to travel, thinking of those
But travelling can be done also by sous

By daring to make a change
And always maintain being hopeful and brave

Translated by Joeline O‘Reilly

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