By Marilù Gasparo

Our club team is evolving over time, with new volunteers joining the team, bringing their ideas and enthusiasm. Today, we would like to introduce you to Giulia, who has been a part of our team for a few months.

Giulia is 25 years old, originally from Italy, and has been living in Germany for nearly six years, with two of those years spent in Munich.

Hello, dear Giulia. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us about yourself and your involvement with ClubIn. Let’s start at the beginning: How did you first become involved with ClubIn?

Giulia: Mmm, I don’t really remember. I think I saw something on Instagram and thought, ‘Let’s give it a try.’

What were your initial feelings when you first joined the club?

Giulia: Positive feelings, but also mixed feelings. Shortly after my arrival in Munich, the Corona pandemic broke out, which meant that even for someone like me, who has always been social and had many friends in Sicily, I had fewer social contacts for a while. So it took some effort for me to visit a place where I really didn’t know anyone. Looking back, it was a good challenge, and it was definitely worth it to come to the club.

Right, it’s not easy at all to visit a place for the first time where you don’t know anyone. We’re glad you overcame that challenge! Why did you later decide to become a volunteer at ClubIn?

Giulia: I’ve always wanted to get involved socially, but I never had the opportunity or the time. When I arrived at ClubIn, I saw a wonderful harmony among the people on the team, and my instinct immediately told me that I wanted to be a part of it too. I’m a very empathetic person, and I trust my instincts. I also believed I could contribute some valuable ideas to the club, so shortly after, I asked if I could join the team.

Your contributions have certainly enriched the team and, in turn, the experience for our visitors. Have you also learned something for yourself through your work at ClubIn?

Giulia: I’ve definitely learned how to interact with different people. I mean, we’re all different, and it’s not always easy to communicate with someone who has a different perspective or ideas.

I’ve also gained a lot of experience in working as part of a team and learned to read the room’s atmosphere.

Nice, that’s interesting! Not only for your work at ClubIn but maybe also for personal growth. Is there a special moment at ClubIn that stands out to you?

Giulia: Mmm, I have to think for a moment. I think really enjoyed our first meeting with the volunteer team. After the meeting, we just went out for drinks, but it was nice to see the others in a different context.

That sounds like a great evening. Now, for our last question: How would you describe ClubIn in three words?

Giulia: Progressive, open, and empathetic.

Thank you very much, dear Giulia!

Giulia: Thank you!

Translated by Joeline O‘Reilly

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