By Marilù Gasparo

Aditya is from India. He is currently studying Electrical and Information Engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). In his spare time, he also volunteers at ClubIn. We asked Ady a few questions.

Dear Aditya, thank you for taking the time. I’ll start with the first question: How did you come to ClubIn? 

I was living in a student dorm and came across the ClubIn offer on the dorm’s website, so I thought, “I’ll give it a try.” That was 2022. 

Cool, and you’ve been coming back to the club ever since. What does ClubIn mean to you now, personally?

Exactly. I enjoyed visiting the club again and again because it has become like a second home to me. My first visit to the club was on a Thursday. At that time, I was still very shy, didn’t know anyone, and didn’t talk much.

But the next day, on a Friday, I decided to go again. There was a bonfire, that’s where I felt like I made friends right away. After only two visits, I had the opportunity to meet people who are now my family in Germany.

How nice, and how did you later become a volunteer at ClubIn?

Before the pandemic outbreak, I was in Germany. In 2020, during the lockdown, I went back to India to be with my family and avoid being alone in Germany. When the pandemic situation eased, I returned to Germany. However, during my time in India, I had forgotten some of my German, so I looked for a way to improve it.

I then decided to inquire with Alexa about the possibility of joining the ClubIn volunteer team. However, at that time, the team was already full. It wasn’t until six months later that I had the opportunity to go through some trial weeks and officially become part of the team. 

Is there a special moment or evening that you experienced at ClubIn?

I distinctly recall the first time I took part in an evening as an organizer and not only as a visitor, marking my initial step towards becoming a part of the team. A fellow visitor and I organized an Indian evening. I prepared a presentation and a quiz, while I left the other organizer with the task of cooking a typical dish. I remember that none of the visitors could eat the curry because it was too spicy. As an Indian, it was actually not spicy, it was fine for me. However, that day, I resolved to host another Indian evening soon, to cook a dish myself from my own culture that would not be too spicy and enjoyable for everyone.

Ahahaha yes, I was there too and I remember it well. Alright, we are certainly looking forward to another Indian evening. Next question: What do you wish for ClubIn in the future? 

I hope that the club is always full of people and that all our visitors find ways to stay connected. 

What three words come to your mind about the club?

Difficult question. Mmmh… friendship, family and fun. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share or express?

I will always stay with ClubIn. 

Thank you, Ady, for telling us more about yourself. 

You’re welcome.

Translated by Joeline O‘Reilly 

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